The In-between. Preparation

(This series of devotionals spanned over a three year period of my life. I wrote out of truths that God shared with me throughout every season of this process. I love how he brought this all together and I pray that you will receive encouragement from what he allowed me to experience. Praise His Name!)

I don't think we realize how much we are learning when living in the in-between. It's probably because we are so focused on getting through it. But God is molding and shaping and training us in a way that only he can. It's called preparation.

This method that God uses should not surprise us in any way, but for some reason this reality becomes muddled when it concerns us. We focus on the end-game instead of foresight and forget that it is in these moments God is doing a deep work.

Our friendly grape growing guide has a word to say on preparation as well. Let's see what thoughts he has for us concerning this part of the in-between.

"First you must understand that soil requirements vary from region to region. A professional can evaluate and make certain recommendations based upon your soil condition. What does this mean to you, well don't make the mistake of adding amendments to your soil without knowing what is in your soil. Have the appropriate local government analyze a soil sample for you. It's silly to even try and guess. Adding nutrients is easy if necessary. Removing unwanted excess nutrients is nearly impossible."

Y'all. You have to love someone who gets straight to the heart of the matter.

We need professional help inorder to prepare our soil for the harvest. We'd be silly to attempt to guess what preparation is needed. In fact, if we run on ahead without consulting the experts we could cause damage that would be "nearly impossible" to correct.

Oh my. Is that preaching to anybody else?

Let's look at a familiar Bible story with fresh perspective today and see God's training manual for preparing those he has chosen as they live out the in-between.

I teach the 7th grade